Updated on 1 February 2019

Shipping and insurance

What are the shipping and insurance costs?

The cost to ship your purchase to commercial destinations in Hong Kong is USD 80 for the first 1,500 oz or less, and USD 3.50 per 100 oz thereafter, which includes an insurance fee. This shipping cost is applicable to commercial addresses in Hong Kong only, and cannot cover non-commercial addresses, residential addresses, industrial addresses, hospitals, hotels, banks and some remote areas, etc.

Shipping and insurance fees outside of Hong Kong may vary depending on the size, weight and delivery address of your order. Please contact us to get a quotation on the estimated costs before you place an order. An exchange rate of USD 1 to HKD 7.80 will be applied on international orders.

For further information, please call (852) 2827-7800.

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Will any duties and taxes be charged on the shipment that Kitco sends me?

If you request delivery of physical precious metals to a location outside Hong Kong, taxes and duties, including Value Added Taxes (VATs), may be applicable on the shipment, depending on the country of import. You are solely responsible for paying any fees, taxes or duties (including VATs) that may be levied by the competent authorities in your jurisdiction you assume full responsibility for paying any taxes or duties, including VATs.

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How are purchases shipped?

Kitco purchases are shipped by FedEx or recognized couriers. Each package is fully insured and requires a signature upon delivery to a residential address. Kitco cannot be held responsible for your package if you have a signature waiver arrangement with the courier. We will email you a tracking number for your shipment. You can also see your tracking number by signing into your account.

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How long will it take for me to receive my package?

Your Kitco purchase is packaged and shipped within two business days of purchase confirmation. Delivery can be expected on average within two to 10 business days from the shipment date. If you believe your package to be inordinately delayed, please call (852) 2827-7800.

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Can I have my purchase shipped to a location other than the address on my account?

Yes, you can create multiple shipping addresses on your account when you place your order online, and have the order shipped to any one of them. However, you need to consider the following points:

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Will items be left without a signature?

All packages shipped by Kitco require a signature upon delivery. If you do not have a signature waiver on file with the courier company and you believe that your package was delivered without your signature having been obtained, call (852) 2827-7800 immediately.

Kitco cannot be held responsible for any packages delivered to you if you have a signature waiver arrangement with the courier.

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Who is liable should my package be lost or stolen while in transit?

Kitco fully insures all shipments. Our insurer is liable if anything should happen to your package while it is in transit. However, Kitco cannot accept responsibility if:

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What should I do if my shipment is missing items?

If you think that any items are missing from your shipment, please call (852) 2827-7800 immediately. Please do not discard the packaging in which your order was shipped. If an investigation into your shipment is opened, we may need images of the packaging for our records.

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Can I pick up my purchase in person? When can I come to your office to pick up my purchase? How long do I have to pick up my package after my purchase is confirmed?

Yes, you can pick up your purchase at our retail store during our regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. HKT, except Hong Kong public holidays).

Our retail store address is:

Kitco (Asia) Limited
Unit 1405, 14/F
West Tower, Shun Tak Centre 168-200
Connaught Road Central Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
(See map)

Kitco (Asia) Limited reserves the right to charge a fee for the pick-up service. Purchases must be picked up at our retail store within 14 days of their confirmation.

A discretionary late pick-up fee will be charged if you do not pick up your package within this 14-day deadline.

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How can I track my package?

Your tracking number will be sent to you by email as soon as it becomes available. To track your package, please visit the FedEx Hong Kong website.

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